Thursday, April 14, 2011

When I talk....I'd like people to listen. Even if I say nothing of importance, it would make me feel like my opinion is valued. It's INCREDIBLY rude to COMPLETELY ignore a person, when they are trying to share their thoughts on a topic....
And yes, I AM still pissed-.-
So anyway, now that I've got THAT off my shoulders....I'm happy. For a while atleast. My exams are over and all, but there are MORE coming up. Big ones. Apparently bigger than our boards. And you know, during the boards, we heard 'Don't worry, It's only a month of exams and after that you're freeeeee......!' and other crap like that. But they were ALL lies. Lies, I tell you! Lies uttered in cold blood, deceiving us trusting gullible little children!!!!
Um.......sorry about that. I thought this entry would benefit from a little drama *sheepish grin* ^^".....
So anyway, what I was trying to say was, if you're going to tell someone something, don't lie blatantly to their face. 'Cos it's mean-.-.....


  1. i lovve you're blog....but a little sugeestion ....why dont yuo change the font??.........i mean the design is just awsome but the font not so much....^^............and i value ur opinions...btw!!!!!

  2. hey Maia 1081 hits wow!!! and trinity its "your blog" not "you're blog"

  3. @trinity: Ty sis! N is the ont okay now?
    @Akive:It's Maya, not Maia, you li'l hypocrite...:P